Book: Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics
A Problem-Solving Approach



Table of Contents


1. Introduction. 2. Pressure and Stationary Fluid. 3. Kinematics of Fluid Particle. 4. Conservation Laws. 5. Dimensional Analysis and Similitude. 6. The Integral Analysis. 7. Inviscid Flow. 8. Laminar Flows. 9. Introduction to Turbulent Flows. 10. Viscous Flow through Conduits. 11. External Boundary Layer Flows. 12. Free Shear Flows. 13. Wakes and Separated Flows. 14. Waves and Tsunamis. 15. Channel Flow. 16. Compressible Flows. 17. Turbomachinery. Index.




Provides a comprehensive treatment of fluid mechanics from the basic concepts to in-depth application problems.
Covers waves and tsunamis.
Offers two distinct chapters on jet flows and turbulent flows.
Includes numerous end-of-chapter problems.
Includes a Solutions Manual and MAPLE worksheets for instructor use.

The book is intended for senior undergraduate mechanical and civil engineering students taking courses in fluid mechanics.
The eBook+ version includes the following enhancements:
3 videos placed throughout the text to help apply real-world examples to concepts of Newtonian vs. Non-Newtonian fluids, vortices, and additional information on surface tension.
Pop-up explanations of selected concepts as interactive flashcards in each chapter.
Quizzes within chapters to help readers refresh their knowledge.